New Media and Media Principles

New Media at Shepherd University covers a variety of different subjects including Graphic Novel, and  a favorite of Rachel’s since she is interested in writing. Graphic novel explored the concepts of how media is constantly being changed and expressed in different ways. It also includes working with social media projects.

As part of the Communications curriculum, students are required to take an Introductory Communications class and an Advertising and Imagery class, that not only taught media literacy, but also how the media influences and impacts society and culture.

Media Law and Ethics is also a required course for Communications majors, and familiarizes them with the specific legal jurisdictions and boundaries. In this class, a wide spectrum of legal issues were studied and discussed, everything from privacy and copyright to libel and internet regulations. Student were also exposed to the SPJ code of ethics and FOIA regulations.

A practicum course is also a required for students, and Rachel chose News practicum where students were required to record news stories for WSHC, Shepherd University’s radio station, and study and present a mock television news cast.

Relevant courses: Graphic Novel (Projects included a mini-graphic novel and a final graphic novel of full length), Advertising and Imagery, Communications and New Media, Media Law and Ethics, News Practicum


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