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Analysis of of Advertising Project

This is a written analysis of Sneeks ad campaign project, for our advertising and imagery class.

Rachel Stark

Ads Analysis

9 Feb. 2012

In analysis of my advertisements for the Sneeks campaign, I thought it would be best to use an analysis method that we have already been using in class, ideas presented in the video Codes of Gender.

What is perhaps the most interesting thing about my boys and girls ads is not what they have in common, but how they are different.  I left people out of my first two ads for a purpose, how do we as as population know that this ad is a girl’s ad without a girl being in it or a guy’s ad with out a guy being in  it? How is the girl’s ad directed to girls? From the video Codes of Gender, we are told that we participate in the gender roles that society has set up and expected us to act in.  That particular style of boot that takes the background in the girl’s ad, in our society, is defined as female fashion, and it is only a style of shoe that females wear. Therefore, putting that type of boot in an ad is following the agreed rule of society that that shoe is feminine and therefore the ad would be socially agreed on as feminine. The purple background is also significant because in our culture, colors are gendered. Colors such as pink and purple that are tints and shades of primary colors red and blue, are typically viewed as feminine.

In the boy’s ad, the subject of gender is dealt with in the exact same way.  The particular style of shoe in background is also associated with the style of shoe that typically males wear.  So, in our society when this ad is viewed it would socially agreed on that this is an advertisement geared to males because it features the types of shoes that they typically wear or associate with shoes that males wear. The gray and concrete background of the boy’s ad is not meant to be a significant as the purple in the girl’s ad, however it is also a popular idea in American society that not only are colors gendered, but the having more color is considered more feminine then not having color.  The gray background in the boy’s ad semiotically, is associated with absence of color, a socially male trait. Males, according to the standards described in Codes of Gender are supposed to be in control of their environment and not distracted. Color tends to distract viewers., especially male ones.

In the third ad, the ad directed at both male and female ads still features the  American ideal of romantic love. American society loves the idea of a one true love, and that every boy and every girl can have the love life that they want to have.  Though in terms of gender analysis, the two figures in the ad are seemingly androgynous. There are no gender- specific qualities that the figures possess, except for maybe the clothes that they are wearing and the position of the feet. According to Codes of Gender, the figure on the left would be seen as the masculine character because his feet seem more grounded, and the figure on the right as more feminine because the feet are off balance, making the figure on the right seem more supported by the figure on the left However, in the dim lighting the clothing can also seem ambiguous and gender neutral.   The advertiser relies on the societal convention of the heterosexual relationship to make this ad successful, because the facial and upper body sex descriptions are not pictured in the advertisement. Based on the idea that heterosexual relationships are the majority of most relationships and most socially acceptable, viewers will most likely view the ad as inherently heterosexual.

Of all three advertisements, the advertisers seem as though they are trying to make only subtle differences between genders. In an effort to market the same type of shoe to both genders, I think that must be a necessity. The shoes can neither look too masculine or too feminine, or the product market decreases.  By placing value on ideals that both genders are interested in, (romantic relationships) it takes pressure off the advertiser to find something that both marketable without discriminating too much within gender.

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Press Kit Example: Fact Sheet

Google Plus Facebook

Media Contact: Rachel Stark
Phone Number: 304-668-9940

For Immediate Release
23 February 2012

Fact Sheet


Google Plus Facebook’s Welcoming Gala



The Welcoming Gala for the celebration of Google and Facebook’s merger to benefit the charity Intek



October 14th, time to be announced in invitations



Belle Epoch Galleria and Ballroom, Menlo Park, CA


Tickets are $600 dollars each and include a customizable meal from 25 menu items, business networking opportunities, and a reserved seat for the hyperfaçade presentation.



Google Plus Facebook will hold the gala and match the amount made from ticket sales into a donation for Intek.



In order to foster a constructive foundation for potential working people and business owners, Google Plus Facebook wanted to help others become successful in the working world.  Google Plus Facebook wants the gala to not only celebrate the merger of the two businesses, but also to promote the importance of career and skill building in today’s job market. Intek provides people with a comfortable learning environment and provides hardworking underprivileged citizens with the chance to become established and successful.



The state- of -the art hyperfaçade is a useful and exciting new tool in the world of digital media, and a beautifully crafted and skillfully executed work of craftsmanship. Intek speaker Bob Jones will be the special guest presenter of the façade.


Press Kit Example: Backgrounder

Faux Backgrounder



Google Plus Facebook
Media Contact: Rachel Stark
Phone Number: 304-668-9940

For Immediate Release
23 February 2012



  • Google is not a stranger to helping others grow, with a branch of services called Google Ventures, they have founded startups, built products, and invested in companies. They are also focused on finding entrepreneurs from all ranges of sectors and stages to help them succeed.  ( )
  • Google Ventures invests in people who are passionate, bold, and ambitious to help build and grow companies.
  • Helping Intek is Google Plus Facebook’s first move in giving back to the bright and inspiring individuals who are representative in all businesses anywhere. They want to prove that given the opportunity, anyone can become successful in the business world.
  • Google Ventures is a firm believer in technological innovation and by stimulating any program that fosters hard work and career building initiatives.
  • Google has also sponsored many other charitable programs such as Google Gives Back, which donated over 40 million dollars in 2011 to assist developing countries with educational and technological tools. (
  • Google has also sponsored a Crisis Response project that makes critical information more accessible in times of disaster.
  • Facebook has also been a foster of charity by becoming an online database and network of charities.  Connecting people more than ever before, charities and other nonprofit organizations are better able to communicate and advocate for their causes or issue.
  • Because both companies have merged, it is the highest priority for Google Plus Facebook to reassure the public that they will keep on with the philanthropic attitude that has been the heart and soul of each former company. In choosing the Intek cause, Google Plus Facebook intends to keep showing the world that giving back to the community and the people is one of the best ways to show that your company cares and wants to make positive changes in the world around them.
  • Facebook has sponsored many grant-based programs to fund initiatives such as the Digital Citizenship Program and the Facebook Fellows, programs used to foster education and research for a brighter future.
  • Over the past few years, Intek has provided free online college courses and career management services to over 10 million Americans in over 15 cities across the United States.  Intek strives to make every opportunity available for any career or job option, with the goal of building a stronger American workforce and eliminating unemployment.
  • Not only does Intek provide free college course and career management services, they also provide access to thousands of job listings, vocational education with a hands-on learning environment, and internship opportunities.
  • With help from businesses like Google Plus Facebook, Intek is able to inspire and help millions of disadvantaged Americans to reach their dreams and build America from the inside out.
  • Intek is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008, centrally located in Palo Alto, CA, and currently has more than 10 offices across the United States. As of 2012, Intek became under the sponsorship of Google Plus Facebook and other private donors.



Press Kit Examples: Press Release


Google Plus Facebook

Media Contact: Rachel Stark
Phone Number: 304-668-9940

For Immediate Release
23 February 2012


Google Plus Facebook Will Unveil Hyperfaçade at Gala

            Menlo Park, CA- Newly merged company Google Plus Facebook announced that they will showcase a state- of- the- art, holographic presentation at the company’s Welcoming Gala on Oct 14th. The presentation will take place at the end of the evening’s festivities and will demonstrate a turning point in the future of technology. Included in the façade will be an introduction of Google Plus Facebook’s new features, a featurette from sponsored charity Intek, and a spectacular holographic show. After the show, attendees are invited to meet with Intek founder Bob Jones for more information and first access to the façade technology.

Hyperfaçades are the latest in 3-D digital technology. By transforming ordinary architectural structures into technological spectacles, hyperfaçades have revolutionized they way in which we manipulate the environment around us. They have been most recently used only for advertising, however Google Plus Facebook has capitalized on this resource and improved on it. Google Plus Facebook seeks to encourage further endeavors into the digital realm by making this new technology more accessible to the public and everyday businessmen.

After the gala, Google Plus Facebook will slowly release demonstration videos of the hyperfaçade, available in the media section of In addition to demonstration videos, the hyperfaçade technology will also be available as a resource in the Intek program. For more information on hyperfaçades please visit For more information on the Intek program please visit,




Google Plus Facebook is an interwoven social utility and online search conglomerate that organizes the world’s information and makes it universally accessible and useful while connecting people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Millions of people use Google Plus Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. It also features different applications and resources to help people navigate and understand the Internet better.




The Death of Winter

The breeze lays kisses on my face
leaving lips breathless
with want
of its earthy
Sweet with song
Swelling with dewy tears and
bone dust.

I shall not want
anymore than this.
the ground bleeds brown
like blood
white antithesis

Hidden Disciple

Hidden Disciple – ©2013 ~blazing-sunset

You will never know, with your kind spirit
How you have pervaded me
How the mere thought
the utterance of your name
a spurt of memory
reminds me of a time that I will not forget

Perhaps we set out in our lives
hoping that someone will hear us
and be our hidden disciples
Those we have changed for good
do not pass us by so quickly

But the conversation, the moments
of intellectual ecstasy.
That only the mind, free of conventions
but open, strong in passion and might
should transcend its own very subject

How I long for it again
The impact was meteror
That left in me a canyon
wide and deep
teeming with inspiration
But you will never know
nor will I mean as much to you
as you did to me.

Communication and New Media Introductory Course

I took this course as a freshman at Shepherd and it was the first Communications course that I ever took. It was a survey of all the communications courses that I might take throughout my career.  We dabbled in Photoshop, Final Cut, and started our communications blog. I learned so much over a short period of time, and produced a short graphic novel while in the class.