Internship Blog #8 At the End

This is my last blog for this internship, as now the semester is coming to a close. I cannot believe that so much has happened in the last semester, it has truly been an incredible experience. Working with Cressen Books LLC has been the internship of a lifetime!

The marketing and growing of a small business, manuscript editing, (especially those editing tricks in Microsoft Word), and the understanding of the importance of good constructive criticism have become such essential assets to my skill set.  Every meeting that I met with my supervisors had allowed me to experience much personal growth. I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was eight months ago.  It has been a most challenging semester for me and there have been many personal obstacles that I have had to confront. I really have had to take a look at my past work experiences and examine what kind of person I am going to be in the workforce. I have had to reevaluate my worth, and what I can bring to an employer, which has proven to be difficult, but also something very important. I thank you both for the encouragement that helped me overcome many of the challenges I faced.

I know that as this internship ends, it is only the beginning of my new author relationship with Cressen Books LLC. I can now say after this semester that I am a published author, which means more to me than I ever knew. Working on this novel has really given me a better appreciation of what authors go through when writing and trying to get a novel published. I look forward to many more times of working with them and watching their  business reach its potential.

 Not many people can say that their internship was life changing, but I certainly can. I cannot truly express the immense gratitude that I have toward them and to the internship program at Shepherd.


Internship Blog # 7 The Penultimate Post

As most of you all know, for the past semester and weeks before that even, I started working a intern with a publishing company, Cressen Books LLC. As a senior at Shepherd University, an internship is such an important part of higher education at Shepherd, and for me it was like a certain coming of age, and a signifier for the beginning of the close on my time here at Shepherd. I cannot express fully, just how amazing this experience has been. I know that when most student go for internship, it is not nearly as wonderful or helpful as my experience has been for me.

At first I was a bit unsure as to what to expect, since I had never had arranged an internship like this before. So by scouring the newspapers and the internet for editing and publishing near this area. And all I can say is that I never expected the outcome that unfolded. I cannot thank Cressen Books LLC enough for taking me under their wing for a one of a kind experience that goes way beyond a typical internship and I can say that I have learned so much and gained experience and opportunities that have seriously changed my life.

If someone would have told me six month ago that I would be publishing a book by January, I would never have believed it, and as an individual, it is the most challenging and rewarding journey I have ever taken. As a young writer, I had always suffer with a block that would prevent me from finishing long works when I started them, but now I can say that I have pushed past that block and have really grown. I think that this is so important in an actual business setting. I think that as an employer, you need to be willing to nurture and encourage your employees. When someone is responsible for helping another’s potential, there is a great care and vigilance that needs to be applied. How can you expect the employees to bring out the best in your company if you do not try to bring out the best in them? I really have had to take a look at my past work experiences and examine what kind of person I am going to be in the workforce.

I have had to reevaluate my worth, and what I can bring to an employer, which has proven to be difficult, but also something very important.

Internship Blog #6

Just another update on my internship and looking back on everything that I’ve done so far. Working on this novel has really given me a better appreciation of what authors go through when writing and trying to get a novel published. The writing and editing process can actually be long and intensive, especially when you have other look over your work. However, that review is so super beneficial because I think it fosters writers to be better and present the best possible work.

I also received and signed my author’s contract this past week and I cannot relay how excited I am about it. I never thought that something like this could come from an internship, but I think it also shows that if you are dedicated and work hard enough on a project, that you reap what you sow.  It also shows that employers or in my case (internship supervisors) recognize your contributions and are willing to work with you as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.

With my novel’s impending publication, I can only say that this has not been a class for me, this internship has literally (though cheesy) changed my life, in ways I never expected. I can now say after this semester that I am a published author, which means more to me than I ever knew.

I have seen so many different aspects of the publishing company, and from the super positive to the super negative, including what bad editing is and how important proper editing and proper presentation really mean to an author and a company’s validation.

Internship Journal #4

The final cover for A Veil of Shattered Dreams.
Cover photo and design by Danielle Gesford.

This week, in my internship journal,  I’d like to discuss a few things that have been on my mind for the past few days concerning the different things that I have been working on. These past few weeks I feel I have been most in touch with my novel, A Veil of Shattered Dreams, the one that I am working on for my internship. What seems so strange to me is that in my wildest dreams, I never saw this kind of story escape from me, it is definitely different than anything else that I have ever written and definitely the most difficult.

I think that putting out my cover and realizing the amount of time that I have left to put this novel together has really put the pressure on me to get my writing done. I think that after I finish this story, it may be awhile before I write again. The decision to publish is also something that I have struggled with immensely this week. I never thought that I would publish something like this, especially not in college, my of my writings are for my enjoyment or shorter works that are not ready for publication. However,                 as much as I want to publish it, I want everyone to know that this was never a money making endeavor. Writing is something that I love and something that I want to share with everyone. Reading and the gift of reading is something that I don’t believe should be denied to anyone. It is my love of reading, even over writing that propels me to editing and publishing. A belief I hope to retain while I continue even past internship. Secondly, as much as I love the story and the characters, I am no acclaimed author, anything that someone reads from me, published while I am in school, is I think student work. Unless someone sees something in it that I do not see myself.
What I also recognize is the fear that I have in exposing so much of work and writing for everyone to see. It is difficult to have people not only judge your work, but judge you as the author of the work. It should not matter if others like it, I know, as long as I like it. But, if writing has been the one thing that people have anticipated from you, then you do not want to let those people down.

As I start my fifth chapter ( now half-way through) I take these thoughts with me, and I only hope that I can influence my own writing so that I give myself and others the story that they (/I) expect.

Internship Journal #3

A Veil of Shattered Dreams Cover Version #2.
Still a little more work to be done.
Photo by Danielle Gesford
Model: Caity See

These past few weeks have been the most exciting yet in my internship. At the beginning of the semester, I was learning all of the technical and instructional aspects of the publisher/author, but as time has gone on and I have developed even more of my own project, things have shifted over to the more creative outlet.

Last week alone, I completed another chapter of my novel, now titled A Veil of Shattered Dreams and worked on creating a cover for the novel with help from my two friends. It has been a wonderfully crazy process from setting up a photo shoot, processing and creating all the elements that go into a cover of a book. Though this is only a student project, I can hardly imagine all the revisions, time and creativity that must be put forth to come up with not only the content of the novel, but also how the cover attracts the audience to the novel as well. Design plays a huge role in laying out a novel’s format.

I have also spent time with my supervisors helping them with the plots in their own work. I am finding more and more that publishing and novel creation is much more of a collaborative process than I first recognized.

As far as my writing is concerned,  the writing process of Veil is definitely a more challenging endeavor, and I understand why, as most authors do, have so long dates between publication. There is hardly anytime to write. With daily lives and resources and the little unexpected tribulations that pop up,  it is a drastic feat for me to have a decently penned and edited novel in six months. Wow. Writing is actually going to be my major focus for my next journal, as my crunch time approaches and I begin writing very heavily in the next few weeks.

Internship Journal #2 My Novel Progress

These past two weeks  at my internship, I have really been experiencing the writer’s end of editing. In this journal, my focus will be about my own writing and the progress and experience that I have gained.    We started off the week, by doing a business lunch at Beasely’s Books and Eccentricities in Charles Town, WV.  The atmosphere of Beasely’s is the perfect place to come together and brainstorm as writers. The walls are lined with libraries of novels and have little reading nooks tucked in quiet corners for the ultimate curl-up spot. My supervisors and I found a great location inside to meet over a small meal. It was definitely a high-light of my week. We set up our laptops and had an editing session.  We also began start analyzing and monitoring the progress on my novel.
Though I do not want to write or be an author,  I have such a greater appreciation and understanding of the different types of writing styles.  I’ve realized in these past short weeks that you have to have such an open mind for a writing style that is different than you might expect. Proper editing does not change or alter someone’s writing style, but it’s a balance of finding and interpreting the writing style and seeing how it affects a certain audience. When you are writing, you have to keep in mind your audience and you have to be aware of everything you’re writing. As I’ve seen, that editing is extremely useful for those ideas that don’t quite make it outside of your head. Writing helps you recognize the way authors write, and as editors you know how to improve on any writing style.  So far, I have completed my first chapter and am in progress of my second chapter. (of ten chapters)
Web design and the basics of E-publishing also played a role in my activities for the past two weeks. Uploading manuscripts for E-publishing actually requires some knowledge in web design because websites such as Amazon and Nook require some form of HTML coding.

Journal #1 Internship

Spanish Intrigue, the first volume of the L&L Mysteries
by Wendy Lohr, one of my supervisors
I’d been planning my internship months before I started it and actually had several opportunities to me with my supervisors ahead of time which was so helpful in working out all the details for this semester. Where I work is a small editing and publishing company out of Gerrardstown, WV called Cressen Books, LLC. Operated out of their home office, Cressen Books, LLC was incorporated in 2010 and since then has published several novels from multiple authors. In my experience, I have been meeting with my supervisors not only to help them edit manuscripts of novels, but also with editing and help to write my own novel. My supervisors thought that it would be important for me to write a manuscript so I would understand first hand what authors go through in novel development all the way up through the editing process. Already, the have been showing me how to use different editing techniques and other programs such as Adobe InDesign, which the Wycloff article mentions is key in a career in Desktop Publishing. As of this week, I am still learning the editing process and how to use Microsoft Word more efficiently for novel and text editing. I have been working many independent hours to write and develop my own novel. I also attended a marketing seminar with my supervisors to gain new skills for their small business. Through these first experience, I have only confirmed that this is definitely the career path that I want to pursue, but I also realized that there is a definite level of professionalism that must be learned in our very relaxed environment. This internship requires alot of personal dedication and hours because I am producing a very personal product.