A Veil of Shattered Dreams

The exciting debut novel by Rachel Stark!

Senior Capstone, the beginning


Young Adult, Psychological, Thriller, Emotional

What is the story about?

A Veil of Shattered Dreams is a very unique reading experience. As I tell everyone, it’s not like a typical novel, where the reader is an observer of story events, rather they are a participant and experience the events alongside the character.  As you follow the main character you enter into her world and into her thoughts, you start unraveling the complexity of the two parallel plot lines. It is a challenging and emotional read, a quest that brings the character to the shore of her own subconscious, so she can finally deal with her deep grief.

What is the “veil of shattered dreams”?

A Veil of Shattered Dreams is a metaphor for the part of our mind that wants to shield us and block out the more painful memories and experiences of our lives. It’s a part of self-preservation instinct. But once the main character goes beyond the veil and exposes her deepest vulnerabilities, she is finally able to move on and deal with her sorrow.

Where Can I Get My Copy?

A Veil of Shattered Dreams is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Createspace.com. Soon to be available at Beasley’s Books and Eccentricities, located in Charles Town, WV.


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