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A Veil of Shattered Dreams

Have you ever dreamed so hard it was real? A dream world that beckons to you, but is so fragile it could shatter with the mere thought of harsh reality. Katerina dreams of this place. But is it real or only real to her? With her sanity trapped behind a shadowy veil, Katerina struggles to free herself from its hidden secrets. But these secrets come at a terrible cost, a cost that may be too great for her to accept.


A Veil of Shattered Dreams is the gripping debut novel from author Rachel Stark. Already receiving rave reviews on Amazon, A Veil of Shattered Dreams is an intense psychological journey from start to end, slowly unwinding the truth that lies within us. 

Born out of an internship with publishing company and editors Cressen Books LLC, and wrought through many months of editing and development, A Veil of Shattered Dreams was born. Released in January 2013, the novel has already garnered local media attention and featured a book signing in late January  at Beasley’s Books and Eccentricities in Charles Town, WV. The book is available now for ebook at and Barnes and Noble. Paperback at and